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Integra Wastewater

Integra Wastewater Treatment Systems have been developed with years of research and development to be the most robust and reliable system in the market. Efficient to run with low annual operating costs and power consumption there is an Integra model to suit any application.

This is a highly specialised area and we encourage you to contact one fo our team to discuss your application to ensure you get the right solution.

NZ$0.00 S15 Residential Treatment System S15 Residential Treatment System 1500 litres per day - up to five bedrooms More > NZ$0.00 S20 Residential Treatment System S20 Residential Treatment System 2000 litres per day - Up to 6 bedrooms + office More > NZ$0.00 S25 Residential Treatment System S25 Residential Treatment System 2500 litres per day - up to 8 bedrooms + office More > NZ$0.00 C20 Commercial Treatment System C20 Commercial Treatment System 2000 litre per day - up to 66 day seating establishment More > NZ$0.00 C30 Commercial Treatment System C30 Commercial Treatment System 3000 litres per day - Up to 100 day seating establishment More > NZ$0.00 C40 Commercial Treatment System C40 Commercial Treatment System 4000 litres per day - up to 133 day seating establishment More >