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Devan Tanks supply water pumps NZ wide. Whether you need a water pump for your sprinkler system, small medium or large house or commercial building, we can help!

Grundfos water pumps are known for their quality and reliability. We provide a full range of Grundfos water pumps for domestic or commercial use. Contact us for more details - 0800 24 40 10
NZ$656.00 Grundfos JP Rain 2MP Grundfos JP Rain 2MP Garden watering More > NZ$791.00 Grundfos JP Rain 4MP Grundfos JP Rain 4MP Small cottage More > NZ$1121.00 Grundfos CMB 3-37 Grundfos CMB 3-37 Small house More > NZ$1236.00 Grundfos CMB 3-47 Grundfos CMB 3-47 Medium house More > NZ$1351.00 Grundfos CMB 3-56 Grundfos CMB 3-56 Large single storey More > NZ$1604.00 Grundfos CMB 5-47 Grundfos CMB 5-47 Large two storey More > NZ$180.00 Pump Cover Pump Cover More >