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Rain Harvesting

Get the latest rainwater harvester accessories for your water tank from us today. Rainwater harvesting is a great way to harness our natural resources and put them to greater use on your land. It's also great for the environment and can save on your water bills.
NZ$92.00 Leaf Beater 80/90mm Leaf Beater 80/90mm More > NZ$144.00 Leaf eater ultra 80/90mm Leaf eater ultra 80/90mm More > NZ$147.00 Leaf eater ultra 100mm Leaf eater ultra 100mm More > NZ$87.00 First Flush diverter 80/90mm First Flush diverter 80/90mm More > NZ$110.00 First Flush diverter 100mm First Flush diverter 100mm More > NZ$98.00 Superfill 65/80mm diverter Superfill 65/80mm diverter More > NZ$98.00 Superfill 80/100mm diverter Superfill 80/100mm diverter More > NZ$98.00 Superfill Sqaure diverter 100mm x 73mm Superfill Sqaure diverter 100mm x 73mm More > NZ$98.00 Rapido Diverter - multi fit Rapido Diverter - multi fit More >