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Water tank supply, Septic tank supply, plumbing accessories and parts

Devan Tanks have the products and services needed for customers address the water and wastewater storage needs. We have been providing quality tank solutions to people and businesses across New Zealand for over 20 years In Waimakariri’s case, we not only have water tanks that can serve the needs of both residential and commercial properties.  We also have urban rain harvesting equipment, UV filters and other accessories for our tanks. Devan’s partners’ offer a range of the best water tanks Waimakariri has to offer. Our systems allow both home and business owners to minimise the amount of rainfall that goes to their drainage systems, and redirects the water towards storage and later use. We understand that no one system can effectively address every possible scenario on its own, which is why we went out and began establishing partners within the district. Our resellers draw on their knowledge of our products, as well as local experience to work out the best solution for you or your business. We work with local provider Hynds Pipe Systems Wimakariri to ensure that our customers are getting the product advice and support they need from a trusted local supplier