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Water tank supply and installation, Septic tank installations, Wastewater system installation

Devan Tanks, Kaitaia, New Zealand, is the Northland’s leading tank supplier. We manufacture different types of tanks to meet your special requirements whether you need one for domestic use, for commercial purposes, agricultural purposes and whichever other areas. We have local installers conveniently located throughout Kaitaia. Our partners and installers have the capacity to assist with whatever you need including agricultural, industrial, fire, as well as urban rain tanks.  For the agricultural and industrial sector, we have a wide range of septic tanks, rain harvesting tanks, and grease pumps as well. In addition, we have the best refuse and industrial bins for waste disposal in the country. Our agricultural tanks are huge and range from 600 to 30,000 litres. These can be used either for domestic or agricultural purposes for storage of water, chemicals or molasses. We also have multi-chambered water treatment systems for household use. These are environmental friendly and produce clean, odourless, and safe water for irrigation as well as landscaping purposes.  For commercial use, we have manufactured drums for chemical storage and transportation. Such drums range between 100 and 200 litres in capacity and have achieved the U.N. Dangerous Good Safety Ratings for chemical storage and transportation. Contact your nearby supplier for more details on our products. Or shop online today for water tanks and septic tanks.