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Hynds Pipe Systems Greymouth

Hynds Pipe Systems Greymouth

Phone 03 768 4880

6 Hinau Cresent


Water tank supply, Septic tank supply, plumbing accessories and parts

Plumb Duck Ltd

Andy Gowland-Douglas

Phone 03 789 8623

175 Palmerston Street


Water tank supply and installation, Septic tank supply and installation

Think Water West Coast

Think Water West Coast

Phone 03 768 6993

80 Tainui Street


Water tank supply and installation, plumbing accessories and parts

Devan Tanks has one goal, and thatís to give the residents and businesses of New Zealand the benefit of having the best water tanks in the market. Our team has been doing exactly that for the last twenty-five years, and weíre ready to impart our experience and insight to the good people of Greymouth. If you are looking for some of the best water tanks Greymouth have to offer, talk to your local Devan partner. As a town with a near ancient tradition in fishing, Greymouth can appreciate the importance of proper water storage and control. But, given the unique geography of the town, and the infrastructure built throughout it to cope with floods many would prefer a local to help them set up their system. Thatís why Devan decided to partner with local resellers and installers with bases on the West Coast to improve the reach of our products and provide local residents and businesses with high quality solutions. These partners will be ideally placed to make the correct decision when it comes to choosing the tank, and the best way for installing it. Get the contact information of these partners below, and begin the process of acquiring your own quality commercial or residential water tank at your most convenient time.  You can also browse our extensive range of high quality water tanks, drums, and accessories by going through our online store. For more information visit your local Devan supplier today.