Superfill Sqaure diverter 100mm x 73mm


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Product Description

The Superfill Quattro is designed to yield and filter rain water from the downpipe, once the tank or barrel is full the Superfill then acts as an overflow and diverts the water back down the downpipe. During the wet winter months switch it off and divert all rainwater away from the tank.

  • For rainwater tanks & barrels up to 1000 Litres
  • Square or Rectangular downpipe. Will fit up to 100mm x 73mm rectangle downpipe
  • 3/4″ outlet to the side with hose and tank connection
  • With internal debri filter
  • Prevents your rainwater tank from overflowing
  • Easy on/off switch when water needs to be diverted away
  • Recommended for roof surfaces up to 50sqm