Underground Tank 10,000 Ltr

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Product Description

The 10,000L stormVAULT tanks are a versatile, reliable and complaint option for storm water management on your site.

stormVAULT Tanks come with non-trafficable lids and can be installed under a lawn or under a concrete driveway.

Devan Plastics range of stormVAULT tanks are suitable for the majority of soil and water table conditions in New Zealand.

  • Anti floatation options available. (extra cost apply)
  • Trafficable lids available (extra cost apply)
  • Product may incur delivery cost.
  • 625kg
  • 9.5m over all length x 1.2m diameter (main tube) and turret overall 2.3m
  • 15 year warranty

stormVAULT 10,000L drawing (PDF)

stormVAULT Brochure

stormVAULT Installation manual

stormVAULT – Homeowners Guide