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Few towns in the Bay of Plenty can rival Whakatane in terms of the number and diversity of the industries that support its economy. The spectrum of businesses includes agricultural industries such as farming, forestry, and fishing. All businesses likely in need of storage for their fuels, produce and wastewater. Luckily for them, Devan tanks is here to help. Devan tanks offer some of the best water tanks Whakatane businesses can get their hands on. Whether you need a storage tank for agricultural or industrial purposes, Devan Tanks has been the countryís top choice for quality water tanks, rain harvesting equipment and accessories for more than two decades. Both residents and businesses within Whakatane have benefited from using our products. But, we wanted to take our services to the next level by partnering with local installers and resellers to make getting a water tank even more convenient. If you’re interested in getting a high quality water tank for your own property, all you have to do is go contact one of our local partners. We’ve provided all of the numbers and addresses on the left so you can begin the process of getting your own tank. Contact your nearest Devan supplier today.