Stormwater is the water that runs off surfaces when it rains. It may fall on to the roof and be directed through gutters and downpipes, or directly onto surfaces including roads, gardens and driveways.
In the city, this water runs down drains into underground stormwater pipes and is carried to the nearest waterway – stream, beach, harbour or wetland.

Council stormwater systems help prevent flooding and provide a safe, contained way for water to drain away from populated areas, but increased urbanisation, rapidly growing city sizes, and changing weather patterns are putting extra pressure on the system, meaning additional stormwater management solutions are often required, either for installation below ground or tucked away above ground.

rainwater tanks

Devan stormwater management tanks help prevent flooding and ease the pressure on Council stormwater systems.

A stormwater detention tank, such as the stormVAULT from our underground stormwater management range or the stormBANK above ground slimline range, are tanks that are intended to remain empty except for during periods of rain. When it rains, the tank collects stormwater and releases it at a rate specified by design into the council stormwater system.

Devan has a tank to suit your property or site no matter where it is located – beach front to hillside. The underground tanks have been designed and tested for the majority of soil types and water table conditions in New Zealand and are the thickest, strongest and heaviest product on the market.

Compliance? No worries! Devan stormwater management tanks comply with council requirements, meaning they’re an easy, trouble-free solution to managing stormwater on your site or property.