stormBANK stormwater tanks store excess stormwater above ground and slowly release it into the council stormwater system. They are built from environmentally friendly, long-lasting material and come in expandable sizes from 2,000L to 5,000, with other volumes available on request with expansion to you stormBANK system in the future with ease.

They can also provide water storage for reuse in your garden to save on water rates

The tanks are unobtrusive, narrow and being 2m tall can be installed on fence-lines (always check local council fencing rules).

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can stomBANK be installed?

The tanks have been designed for installation on a above ground flat surface. The surface can be sand, GAP7 (or smaller) or concrete. They can be installed under the eves or against a fence.

Who can install stormBANK tanks?

As a retrofit installation for garden watering, the stormBANK system is with in the ability of a home handy person but for new builds or connections to plumbing, or consented work – any qualified plumber or drain layer can install.

Do the tanks come with a guarantee?

stormBANK stormwater tanks come with a 20-year domestic warranty. Devan has been in business for over 30 years and if there’s anything that time has taught us, it is that our customers see no compromise when it comes to confidence and reliability.

Are the tanks compliant?

They sure are! stormBANK material is certified to AS/NZS4766:2006, AS/NZS4020:2005, and AS/NZS 2070

What are they made of?

The highest quality polyethylene available. Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode and is ultra violet stabilised. The manufacturing process produces zero waste and the product is 100% recyclable; it’s also ideally suited to our moulding technique, giving long life and trouble free service. 

What sizes are available?

Each tank is manufactured to meet whatever your volume requirements are. Standard sizes are available in any combination from 2,000L to 5,000L with other volumes available on request. The more volume you require, the longer the tank. Larger volumes are achieved by coupling multiple tanks together onsite with ease.

The Tanks

  • 5,000L stormBANK

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  • 4,000L stormBANK

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  • slim tank 3000L

    3,000L stormBANK

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  • 2000L slim tank

    2,000L stormBANK

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  • 2,000L stormPANEL

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  • 1,000L stormPANEL

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  • 1,000L stormBANK

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