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Simplify your water management
with a Devan SmartTank Monitor.

Know how much water is in your tanks, at any time, from anywhere* with our revolutionary Devan SmartTank Monitor, powered by AGBOT.

Get alerts when your tanks are too full or empty. Reduce unrequired water
runs. Save time and money on unnecessary manual water checks.

See your tanks on a map and track fill levels over time.
Easy to install on your existing tanks or order with your new tanks.

It’s the smart way to monitor your water tank levels.

*where network coverage exists


Smart Tank Monitoring

Robust, Cutting-Edge Technology At Your Fingertips
Rigorously tested and engineered for the harshest environments.

Receive Alerts

Get customized alerts to low and high tank levels. See if levels are dropping faster than expected.

Robust, safe, and built to last

Waterproof & fully encapsulated for rugged durability

Reduce water runs

Access data to reduce unnecessary water checks, maximise efficiencies and save labour and fuel costs

Secure connection from anywhere

Low-Cost, Low-Power, Secure Direct-to-Satellite-Connectivity

Avoid empty tanks

Know exactly how much liquid you have in your tanks. Predict when you’re going to run out.

An environmentally friendly smart choice

Save on water charges and energy consumption

Your tanks will do the thinking for you.