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Sustainability and Recycling

Embracing the Future: Devan’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At Devan, we strive for continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency in every aspect of our operations, spanning from product development and expansion to our machinery and truck selections. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility extends from the initial stages of manufacturing to the ultimate fate of our products.

We take pride in the sustainability of all Devan products, as they are designed with recyclability in mind. To further demonstrate our dedication to environmental stewardship, we’ve established a comprehensive end-of-life program that allows customers to return our products free of charge. These returned items undergo recycling right here in New Zealand, ultimately finding new life in the creation of durable, long-lasting products, such as farm culverts.

Should I recycle my water tanks that have reached their end of their useful life?

Yes, recycling rainwater tanks in New Zealand is important for several reasons. In addition to reducing waste and pollution, conserving natural resources, and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, recycling plastic water tanks can also help to create new products and reduce the need for virgin materials.

This is beneficial for the environment as it helps to reduce the extraction of natural resources, which can have negative impacts on ecosystems and contribute to climate change. Moreover, recycling plastic water tanks in New Zealand is an effective way to support the circular economy, as it allows materials to be reused and repurposed, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and the reliance on imported material.

Has your polyethylene water tank reached the end of its operational life?

Every brand of plastic (polyethylene) water tank holds the potential for recycling into a range of durable products, such as farm culverts, water troughsand numerous other possibilities. Should your tank no longer serve its original purpose, you have the opportunity to participate in the Devan recycling/upcycling initiative.

If your tank retains usability, it could find a new home with various underprivileged or community-focused organizations that consistently seek water storage solutions. We can facilitate connections and potentially aid in the tank’s relocation, contingent upon its age and condition.

In instances where your tank, irrespective of the brand, no longer meets its purpose, we can supply recycling bags. Once you’ve sectioned the tank into manageable parts and placed them in the bag, we can coordinate the tank’s recycling process to transform it into its next iteration. 

For individuals purchasing or currently owning a Devan tank, this service incurs no charge. Non-Devan customers will encounter a minor pickup fee based on their location, while the bags themselves remain free of charge.

Please be aware that you’ll need to arrange and cover the cost of a lifting mechanism to load the bag onto our truck, as each bag will weigh approximately 200kg.

 Where does the tank go?

If you are purchasing a new Devan water tank, provided you are able to lift the processed tank on to one of our trucks, we will bring it back to our yard and arrange for the recycling of your tank for you.

There is no charge for this service if you are purchasing from Devan and it can be any brand of water tank.

By following these steps, your tank will be recycled here in New Zelanad and made in to new products for for kiwis.