Manawatu-Wanganui Partners

Manawatu-Wanganui is one of the most challenging regions for any business. Nevertheless, this is where Devan Tanks enjoys a more considerable presence than anywhere in New Zealand. With partners across the area, we are confident that we have the products you need and a partner to help you install it. Whether you are looking for our products or a qualified installer, trust that one of our partners can provide what you need. While some of them may not be immediately accessible in your area, they will be there for the job. If you are in need of sewage or water tanks in Manawatu, Devan tanks have a partner who can help. When it comes to water tanks, Devan is your best choice. As one of the longest-serving companies in the industry, Devan Tanks products are in line with what the market demands. In terms of durability, very few can match us. For much larger purposes, we have a full range of industrial tanks and agri tanks to serve your needs. With differing capacities, you can earmark each one for a different function. More than that, all of them are well built to last and provide service without any problem. For plumbing purposes, feel free to browse through our wastewater and plumbing accessories catalogue. We have a wide range of septic tanks and all other related equipment. We also sell water drums, tank accessories and a selection of rain harvesting equipment. Browse through our website to learn more about our products and get in contact with one of our partners today.