Integra Wastewater

Getting your wastewater wrong can be disastrous. Trust the wastewater treatment technology NZ Councils use… Integra has been providing New Zealand with the strongest underground vessels for efficient wastewater treatment for over 10 years. Robust construction, perfected with years of engineering innovation, ensures that wastewater stays where it is supposed to. Flexibility in design and the modular and lightweight nature of the Integra wastewater system range means it will fit around your individual needs.

Integra system is certified to comply with and even exceed national standards. This ensures safe effluent disposal that will not pose any risk to humans or the environment. Minimal power charge and bi-annual servicing greatly save you on operational  costs. We offer separate units ideal for varied installations. Get the most value for your money, check out the best residential wastewater treatment NZ has.

This is a highly specialised area and we encourage you to contact one of our team to discuss your application to ensure you get the right solution.

Cut through the sales “effluent”!

When deciding what “system” or solution you need there are some simple considerations.

What is a secondary or advanced system, what is a septic tank and what’s the difference?

  1. Putting it simply a septic tank treats approximately 30% “contaminates” in your wastewater in the tank and then the balance is treated in your soil.
    A secondary or advanced system treats up to 90% of the “contaminates” in your wastewater and the balance is treated in your soil
  2. Do I need a secondary or advanced system?
    This is a critical question to get right as a traditional septic tank installed in the right conditions is a good way to dispose of your wastewater. The capital expenditure is a little bit less and has significantly less running costs compared to secondary systems.

Now, I know I need a secondary system, what’s the sales pitch?

As there are over 30 different systems on the market in New Zealand there is some simple ways to cut through the 30 odd sales pitches!

  1. Has the system been independently trialed?
    The Integra S-15 has been independently certified right here in New Zealand through the Rotorua OSET trials. Less than 50% of systems have been independently tested
  2. Has the design and construction been independently certified to comply with the Australian/New Zealand standard to ensure your product is manufactured and designed correctly?
    All Devan Integra tanks have been independently verified and certified to AS/NZS1546.1. The Integra S-15 has been independently certified and Audited to ensure all design principals, materials used and quality control complies with AS/NZS1546.3. Less than 20% of companies have achieved this. Don’t take our word for it, check out the Bay of Plenty Regional Councils site here.

The 4 questions above will drastically change the number of confusing options and if our system won’t suit your application we will point you to another company that has these same principals in mind!

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