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S25 Residential Treatment System

2500 litres per day – up to 8 bedrooms + office

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Product Description

Integra wastewater treatment systems are a user friendly way of treating your wastewater to a much higher level than septic tanks. Whether your council requires it, or you want to take better care of your immediate environment, there is an Integra system to meet your needs.

The Integra S-25 is capable of treating domestic wastewater of up to 2500 litres per day – up to eight bedrooms and is suitable for disposal through drip irrigation or LPED systems.

Integra systems are sold through our specialised wastewater installers only, we can put you in touch with a local drain layer who can give you a fully installed price.


Additional Information

Weight 250 kg

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Devan Integra S-25

Application and Use
For efficient wastewater treatment of domestic wastewater suitable for land based application where reticulation is not available.

• Voltage: 240 V/50Hz
• Daily Flow Rate: 2,500L
• House size: 8 Bedroom + Office
• Air Blower: LP-100
• Operation: Continuous, 80% or Holiday mode (fully automated)
• Alarms: High Level, Blower fault and 24 hour mute reset
• Effluent quality: 20:30 BOD:TSS
• Standards achieved: 1546.1:2008, 1546.3:2008

• Weight: 810 kg
• Height: 2170 mm
• Diameter: 1650 mm
• Overall Length: 8900 mm

• Primary Chamber: 3600 litres
• Primary Chamber: 3600 litres
• Aeration Chamber 2100 litres
• Clarification Chamber: 2100 litres
• Normal Operating Capacity: 8900 litres
• Emergency Storage Capacity: 2500 litres
• Irrigation Pump: Grundfos Hi Lift or Bianco B-42
• Air Blower: Gardner Denver

Features and Benefits
• Light weight modular system
• Simple proven treatment technology
• Quiet operation
• Low power consumption
• High quality secondary effluent

Maintenance requirement are as per your local authority or 6 monthly whichever is most frequent.