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Grease Traps

For restaurants, car washes, takeaway outlets, and any other hardworking operations including busy home kitchens and garages; a grease trap can prove to be invaluable. Grease traps, also called grease/oil interceptors, prevent insoluble substances from entering wastewater systems and ending up in the environment. But more than being environmentally friendly, these are also economical. Devan traps are durable and long-lasting, protecting municipal utility facilities and Mother Nature for longer. These can keep your septic tank system in good condition, with minimised maintenance needs.

Used oils, fats, and grease are the leading causes of sewer overflows. Protect your wastewater system, local waterways and the environment. Whether it’s from your home or business, do the right thing with oils and grease. Browse these selection or our oil interceptor range!

How do grease traps work?

A proper grease trap acts as a reservoir that holds the wastewater and solid food material that enter. The fat, oil and grease harden when the waste water cools. The solid food material then settle. The water then settles in the middle of both substrates making the fat, oil and grease float on top.

This is how the Devan grease trap works. You can choose the size from 750 liter tanks to 3600 liter tanks depending on your needs.

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