How does tank delivery work?


All Devan water tanks from 600L to 30,000L are delivered free to your gate within the North and South Islands providing the public road is accessible by our truck which can be up to 3.1m wide, 4.5m high and up to 20m long! Other locations that require ferry transport for example will incur additional costs payable by the purchaser.

Devan water tanks are delivered by road to your gate, provided there is suitable public road access. Narrow or low bridges/roads, power lines, tress or other such structures preventing access by the delivery truck are not suitable for delivery to gate and the tank will be delivered as close as practical at Devan Plastics discretion. The tanks are off loaded by hand and there is no hiab or lifting gear available on the trucks. Transportation to the actual site and installation is the risk and responsibility of the purchaser.

Where there is easy and suitable road access, our drivers may agree to off-load closer to the installation site, however this will be at the purchaser’s risk. On arrival please make sure that somebody is available to help our drivers off-load your tank.

Our drivers will phone the person nominated at the time of order on the morning of delivery to confirm details. They will advise an approximate delivery time. If the driver is unable to get hold of the nominated contact person, the tank will be off-loaded at the most convenient location at the site and it will be the purchasers responsibility to relocate the tank at their risk and responsibility.

If you have special access issues, please make sure these are made known either to the Devan sales team or to the driver. Examples of such issues include truck only access in tight spaces, farm gate entry as opposed to main driveway or tanker track entry or no wet weather access.