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Stewart Island Partners

Susan and Bruce Ford

Susan and Bruce Ford

Phone 03 219 1282

Water tank supply

Devan tanks are the providers of high quality durable water storage tanks. We work with a number of partners across New Zealand to ensure customers from all over a getting the products they need from an approved Devan partner. Susan & Bruce Ford is the name you can count on for anything related to Devan water tanks in Stewart Island. They are our only approved partner on Stewart Island. So, if you need anything assistance with standard liquid storage equipment, do not hesitate to seek their assistance. They have all the information you need. Whether you are planning to use it for rainwater storage or regular water storage, our water tanks will get the job done. We made sure that there is consistency in how we build our tanks, from the smallest capacity to the average 5,000-litre tanks, to the colossal 30,000-litre and underground storage tanks. High quality is a standard you can expect from us, and we do what we can to assist our customers with all our products. We also offer a number of accessories that can be really useful if you are looking to augment your existing tank. Our plumbing kits, pumps, rainwater harvesters and water filters will help you address any issues that may be a cause for concern. Devan Tanks also offer a selection industrial tanks , septic tanks, and agri tanks for larger operations as required. If you are planning to open a sizable farming or industrial operation, leave it to our Stewart Island partners to provide the equipment you need. There is nothing we would love more than to help. For more information contact your local Devan supplier today