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Water tank supply

Rather than making people in the region drive far and long, Devan Tanks has partnered with a local business in Otaki, to provide them with quality water tanks, closer to home. Customers can order our full range of water tanks and accessories by visiting their local Devan partner. Whenever you need a quality Devan water tank in Otaki trust that our partner in the area will have what you need. It has been our mission to extend our reach as far as we can in New Zealand. This is because we firmly believe that our products provide the best in value and performance for customers. We are confident that the full range of products from Devan Tanks proudly stands above the rest in terms of quality and durability. Our unique space frame even ensures that the tank will not pop or burst under excessive loads. This is the type of innovation you can expect from all our products including our industrial tanks, agricultural tanks and septic tanks. Our choice to use only the highest-quality polyethylene yields phenomenal results. Durable and resistant to UV and corrosion, very little will break our tanks when used properly. With the addition of accessories, trust that we can provide all that you need when it comes to water tanks. On this page, you will find the contact information. Contact them today to discuss your requirements.