In our first article, we explained what stormwater is and why stormwater management is necessary. In this article, we will explore how a detention tank can help to manage stormwater and some additional design considerations that help reduce the likelihood of flooding on private property.


3D stormVAULT tank drawing

3D Drawing of Devan stormVAULT Tank

What is a detention tank?

A detention tank, such as the stormVAULT by Devan Plastics, is a tank that is intended to remain empty except for during periods of rain. When it rains, the tank collects stormwater and releases it at a rate specified by design into the council stormwater system. This helps to prevent flooding on your property, reduces the impact of heavy rain on the council system and, consequently, protects our waterways and coastal environments from erosion. If the tank completely fills, there is an overflow the same size as the inlet to avoid flooding.


Do I need a detention tank?

Due to the fact that detention tanks reduce some of the demand on council stormwater systems and the likelihood of flooding and pollution, many new houses have on-site detention tanks constructed as part of their home stormwater system. If you are adding roof space by extending or building in areas where stormwater systems are undersized or have not been renewed, a detention tank may also be necessary. Devan has underground and above ground solutions available in a wide range of sizes, so there is something to suit your property and landscape.


How else can I reduce the risk of stormwater flooding on my property?

In addition to a stormwater management system such as stormVAULT, other design considerations that help reduce the risk of flooding on private property include:

  • Limiting the amount of paved surfaces so there are more natural surfaces for water to be absorbed into
  • Installing permeable pavers
  • Installing a greenroof (a living roof of vegetation on the building to absorb water)
  • Regularly cleaning out guttering


If you’re interested in a solution to manage your stormwater, contact our team of experts.