Every drop counts… rainwater tanks for collection and reuse of rainwater to supplement water usage in urban areas have been increasing in popularity. This not only lowers monthly water rates costs. It also reduces the demand for water supply and the amount of disposed stormwater leading to less flooding downstream and more money saved on pipes and erosion control.

Enjoy all these benefits and more by installing the best rainwater tanks NZ can offer. Devan’s range of stormPANEL tanks come in 1,000L and soon to be released 2,000L options. Made from the toughest material in the industry, Devan water storage tanks will last for many years of practical use and will not rot or corrode.

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  • 2,000L stormPANEL

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  • 1,000L stormPANEL

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  • stormPANEL base connection kit – 50mm

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  • stormPANEL Concrete pad pole restraint kit

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  • stormPANEL Pole restraint kit

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  • stormPANEL Wall restraint kit

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