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stormVAULT stormwater tanks store excess stormwater below ground and slowly release it into the council stormwater system. They are built from environmentally friendly, long-lasting material and come in standard sizes from 2,000L to 10,000, with other volumes available on request.

The tanks are unobtrusive, with the only visible part of the tank being the child resistant lid. The lid offers easy access for inspection and maintenance while remaining secure when this is not required.

Versatile. Strong. Compliant.

No matter where you need stormwater management – beach front or hillside – stormVAULT tanks have you covered. The tanks have been designed and tested for the majority of soil types and water table conditions in New Zealand and are not reliant on surrounding soil structures for strength. They can be installed under lawn or concrete.

stormVAULT is the thickest, strongest, and heaviest product on the market. We know that the demands put on products that go underground are high, so stormVAULT has been built to exceed design standards.

Compliance? No worries! stormVAULT tanks comply with council requirements, meaning they’re an easy, trouble-free solution to managing stormwater on your site or property.

Why are stormwater tanks needed?

On undeveloped land, a large proportion of rain soaks into the ground and flows slowly through the upper soil layers or into streams. Housing and commercial development results in increased hard surfaces such as driveways and buildings which have negative effects on stormwater; less water can soak into the ground, there are increased flows of water into streams, and flooding becomes more common due to the speed with which extra water reaches pipes and waterways.

To help prevent the infrastructure from being overwhelmed, local councils often require stormwater attenuation tanks as part of building consents.

Commonly Asked Questions

What ground type can stormvault be installed under?

The tanks have been designed for the majority of soil types and water table conditions in New Zealand. They are not reliant on surrounding soil structures for strength.

Where on the property do they get installed?

stormVAULT tanks have been built to be easily installed under your lawn, but they can also be installed under a concrete drive if space is a premium on your site.

Do the tanks come with a guarantee?

stormVAULT stormwater tanks come with a 15-year domestic warranty. Devan has been in business for over 30 years and if there’s anything that time has taught us, it is that our customers see no compromise when it comes to confidence and reliability.

Are the tanks compliant?

They sure are! stormVAULT has achieved compliance to AS/NZS1546 Septic Tank Standard, ARMA COP15 Underground Tank Code of Practice, and has been verified by CPEng Engineers here in New Zealand. The material is certified to AS/NZS4766:2006, AS/NZS4020:2005, and AS/NZS 2070

What are they made of?

The highest quality polyethylene available. Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode and is ultra violet stabilised. The manufacturing process produces zero waste and the product is 100% recyclable; it’s also ideally suited to our moulding technique, giving long life and trouble free service. 

What sizes are available?

Each tank is manufactured to meet whatever your volume requirements are. Standard sizes are available in any combination from 2,000L to 10,000L with other volumes available on request. The more volume you require, the longer the tank. Larger volumes are achieved by coupling multiple tanks together onsite with ease.