In our first article, we covered what stormwater is and why stormwater management is necessary. The second article explained how a stormwater detention tank helps to manage stormwater on your property. In this article we will explain the important things to consider when choosing a stormwater detention tank.


Is it compliant?

6000L stormVAULT Install

6000L stormVAULT Tank Install

To help speed your consent through council, it’s important to choose a stormwater management solution that has been designed correctly and complies with Australian and New Zealand standards, both in terms of design and materials. It also needs to demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code (Clause B1 Structural, and B2 Durability).

Is it strong enough?

The demands that go on an underground tank are high, so it is essential that your stormwater management tank is strong and won’t fail under the pressure. New Zealand has varied soil types so be sure to check that the tank doesn’t need to rely on surrounding soil structures for strength.

How versatile is it? Will it work on my site?

Stormwater management solutions may be needed anywhere from beachfront properties to dwellings on the side of a hill. Check that the tank has been designed and tested for a variety of soil types and water table conditions. You should also check that it is available in range of sizes and that it can be installed where you need it – whether that is under a lawn or concrete drive.

Will it be reliable?

Your tank should be made from long-lasting material, be easily serviceable if needed, and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Stormwater tanks shouldn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Check that the tank is made from recyclable materials and that they won’t rod or corrode.


For a stormwater management solution to all of the above, check out the range of stormVAULT tanks by Devan, available New Zealand-wide

stormVAULT tanks come with a 15-year domestic warranty, have achieved compliance to:

  • AS/NZS1546 Septic Tank Standard,
  • ARMA COP15 Underground Tank Code of Practice,
  • AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Structural Design,
  • and has been verified by Chartered Professional Engineers.

The material is certified to AS/NZS4766:2006, AS/NZS4020:2005, and AS/NZS 2070.